Entrepreneurship and technology: Morning routines to boost your creativity

Technology has changes our lives and is now involved in our everyday activities more than it has ever been before. Many may wonder how startup owners manage to run a business, to aim for a growth, to face all those challenges along their entrepreneurial path and still to have the energy to keep up with their personal daily routines. The key must be in one simple word: motivation. Entrepreneurs are highly motivated people who organize their time in the most effective way by thinking out of the box and stimulating their creativity.

Becoming more of a morning person can be beneficial not only to your health but to your business as well. You are very likely to feel more energized, more concentrated and organized if you decide to start your day with some very useful morning routines and stick to these routines by using some of the most popular and helpful apps.

Skip the snooze button

The beginning of a new year is the most convenient time to ditch all bad habits and embrace the productivity habits of successful entrepreneurs. Skipping the snooze button is one of the best decision entrepreneurs can make in order to jump start their morning. Lying in bed way after the alarm clock goes on is one of the worse ways to start a busy day. It is the time where you need to jump start your day and make one strong beginning. Keep your phone away from the bed so you will need to actually get up and then to snooze the clock. Or even better…


The app: The math problem solving is one of the best ways to wake up your brain in the morning. Apps like Math Alarm Clock and I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock will make you solve simple math problem before the alarm sound goes off. Creativity boost!


Before the breakfast, spare some time to exercise. It is scientifically proven that 20 minutes of morning exercise can increase the blood flow into your brain, which will make your mind sharper. There is no need to mention the benefits for the body. Keep your energy levels up by working out in the morning and you will feel the positive impact on your daily performance.

The app: Apps like FitStar and Pocket Yoga will help you jumpstart your day and track your workout performance.

Protein breakfast

Don’t skip the breakfast and go for something which will give your body the strength it needs in the morning. Have some quick oat meal, eggs with whole grain bread or simply add some berries to your yoghurt and you are all set for the morning.

The app: There are plenty of great meal-planning apps and you can choose the most suitable for your personal preferences. The Healthy Breakfast Recipes and Breakfast Recipe Cookbook are just a simple example of the potential of great apps which you can easily reach.

Listen music

Listening to music can be very energizing and will help you welcome the new day with a better attitude. Create your special Spotify playlist for the morning and start your day by listening to your favorite songs.


The app: using Spotify is one of the best ways to listen your favorite music and to access rich variety of playlist with all of your favorite songs in it.

Plan your day

Creating a plan for your daily tasks can help you organize better your daily schedule and can prepare you mentally for the challenges of the day. Use the mornings to jump start your work day even before you head to the office.

The app: Plan your day by using some of the most popular planner apps like Wunderlist or Todoist.

Walk/bike to work

If you have the chance to walk or bike to the office it will be a great way to start your work day. The walking will liven up your body, will energize you and will improve your mood.

The app: If you are to walk or bike to work, you are more likely to need to know what the weather will be in the morning and in the evening so you can plan the best way to get to and from the office. AccuWeather is a great app to help you track the weather and to make you prepared. Get your minute-by-minute weather forecast and be ready to jumpstart your day.

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