The most popular articles on Startupist for January

Here you can find the top ten articles for the past month of January on Startupist and you can enjoy the retrospection of everything important that you need to know about entrepreneurship and your startup venture.

Entrepreneurship and technology: Morning routines to boost your creativity

Technology has changes our lives and is now involved in our everyday activities more than it has ever been before. Many may wonder how startup owners manage to run a business, to aim for a growth, to face all those challenges along their entrepreneurial path and still to have the energy to keep up with their personal daily routines. The key must be in one simple word: motivation. Entrepreneurs are highly motivated people who organize their time in the most effective way by thinking out of the box and stimulating their creativity…continue here.

How to brainstorm a great startup name

Choosing the right name for your startup is very important step towards building a company and business brand. Entrepreneurs must spend the right amount of time to choose the perfect name for their businesses. Many people may think that this is the easiest part of the job, but only the ones who have done it know that it’s not as simple as it seems.

There are specific criteria which need to be taken under consideration from entrepreneurs in order to choose the most suitable, catchy and unique name for their startup – accordance, appropriateness, availability and so on…continue here.

The role of honesty in entrepreneurship

Honesty is not the most important personal trait for entrepreneurs but it still makes it to the top list of qualities which will help startup owners along their way to building successful businesses and recognizable and trustworthy brands.

Most entrepreneurs have strong personal values and these values are the forces which help their businesses to flourish. Respect is essential for business success and to respect someone means to be honest with them…continue here.

The art of setting S.M.A.R.T. goals

Setting goals is important especially when it comes to maintaining strong motivation and self-confidence along with providing the opportunity to monitor your progress by following your goal plan. Your business plan epitomizes some of your business goals and by following it you can still manage to measure your startup’s progress. But entrepreneurship goes far beyond the business plan because it is a state of mind which requires strong discipline and talent to achieve what is needed to be achieved in order to innovate…continue here.

Entrepreneurship and the need of strong support system

Entrepreneurs need strong support and advisory system in order to turn their startup ideas into valuable businesses. Supporting entrepreneurship is essential for the development and improvement of our lives. Modern-world society needs innovations and effective solutions for existing problems. The bright and ambitious minds of entrepreneurs are to turn their break-through ideas into successful companies with purpose, driven by their vision. By supporting entrepreneurs, we support innovation…continue here.

Five essential marketing tools for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are competing for the attention of the customers with strong, highly-recognizable brands and resourceful companies all the time. It is essential for startup owners to be more flexible when it comes to their marketing strategies in order to overrun the competition and win the attention of their target customers. Small companies, working without competent marketing team, can experience difficulties related with their online marketing. But there is no need to worry, because these five marketing tools will help you create and maintain top-notch marketing strategies…continue here.

Three Ways to Become Better at Hiring

One of the biggest goals for startup owners is to achieve growth and expand their company. When this so-long-waited moment comes, entrepreneurs face another challenge – hiring the right employees. It is tough decision when it comes to choosing the right person for your company, because the requirements for the right startup employee are different from the rest. Startup employees must be flexible, hard-working, talented, and inspired by your vision and your startup mission…continue here.

Five Essential Networking Tips to Follow

We have talked about the importance of business networking in entrepreneurship and how successful business connections can help your startup’s growth. The attending of networking events and meeting with other entrepreneurs, mentors, speakers, investors and venture capitalists are essential elements for the creation of strong support system for your startup.

There are many ways to improve your networking skills and here will we emphasize on the five ultimate tips to follow, which will help you become better networker…continue here.

What investors are looking for in entrepreneurs?

Many investors and venture capitalists not once have shared that often their investment decisions are based not only on the potential of the startup, but on the potential of the entrepreneur as well. Winning funding for your startup can depend on the way you present yourself in front of the investors and on the way they see potential in you. Investing in people is the way to make successful and profitable decisions especially when the execution of the idea depends on the personal and professional traits and skill sets of the entrepreneurs and investors are aware of this fact…continue here.

Become better negotiator: Five essential tips to follow

Negotiation has big impact on our personal and professional lives. We negotiate on everyday basis and the outcomes of these very important dialogs can be essential for the success of every business. Successful negotiation can be the key to the growth of your startup and entrepreneurs must learn how to master the art of effective negotiation. Within a startup, negotiation skills are required and entrepreneurs must be aware of the importance of improving their personal negotiation skills and the negotiation skills of their team and employees…continue here.

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