The Most Popular Articles on Startupist for May

Here you can find the top ten articles for the past month of May on Startupist and you can enjoy the retrospection of everything important that you need to know about entrepreneurship and your startup venture.

Kevin Colleran Redefines Entrepreneurship and Reflects on Almost Fatal Accident

Kevin Colleran is a successful entrepreneur, Founding Facebook Executive and one of the first 10 employees of the social network, now Managing Partner at Slow Ventures, and last but not least,   graduate of Babson College, which is among the best entrepreneurship colleges in the world.

In his inspirational talk at Babson’s 2015 Undergraduate Commencement ceremony, Kevin Colleran gives one very valuable, yet not that popular, message to the graduates. He says: “You don’t have to work for yourself and start your own business to be an entrepreneur!” By sharing his personal entrepreneurial story, Colleran proves his statement right. He shares that much of his success has happened while working for another company, not working for himself… continue here.

Evidea Receives $3 Million Investment from Tiger Global

Evidea, one of the startups that Etohum endorsed in 2010-2011, has received $3 million investment from Tiger Global with evaluation of the investment of $50 million.

Starting with receiving an investment from Etohum, from Emre Kurttepeli, founder of Mynet,  and Tiger Global, Evidea began their company rise, which let them to achieving the impressive growth of 200% for a year. This third investment from Tiger Global will help Evidea to continue growing… continue here.

7 Websites to Learn a New Language

One of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs is their thirst for knowledge and reading. Entrepreneurs hardly find the time to accomplish all the tasks on their swamped schedules and when it comes to learning a new language many may argue that busy entrepreneurs don’t have the time for that.

There are many personal and professional benefits, which come from learning a new language. We are living in globalized world, where communication and social connection have great impact on business, especially on small businesses and startups, which are looking for opportunities, growth and new markets. Learning new language and mastering it can help not just your business, but your personal wellness as well… continue here.

5 Free Online Learning Sites Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

There are many great online resources, full of very useful and important business information, which every entrepreneurs can benefit from. As one of the most common traits of successful people is their life-long thirst for knowledge, it is important for all business owners to improve their skills and gain new knowledge.

Here you can find 5 free online learning websites that every entrepreneur should know about and visit regularly… continue here.

7 Useful Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneurs is not easy. It has its challenges, setbacks and exhausting moments, but also brings many rewards and satisfaction, success and achievements. The process of starting a company brings many questions and most of these questions don’t have simple answers. Most of the answers you will learn through practice and with the experience you will find the true excitement of being an entrepreneur.

Here you can find seven valuable tips and ideas, which can help all first-time entrepreneurs to feel more prepared for their entrepreneurial journey… continue here.

20 Quotes to Inspire Your Team Members to Achieve Awesome Results

Successful startups are largely built on the ability of the entrepreneurs and the team members to set specific goals and work hard towards achieving these so important milestones in order to create measurable and visible results. The process of setting goals is very important yet not enough. What is more important is the way the goals will be achieved and here comes the role of motivation and team inspiration… continue here.

12 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs are very different from each other yet at the same time they have very similar  personal traits and skills. Just because you are freelancer does not mean that you are an entrepreneur. Just because you are stuck at a dead end job does not mean that you can’t pursue your dreams. So, here we will talk about the obvious signs, which show that you might be an entrepreneur, without even realizing it, which may inspire you to take up a new startup venture… continue here.

Five Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Many entrepreneurs admit that entrepreneurship, more or less, is a creative process, in which original business ideas, that inspire action and innovation, are being turned into reality. Every startup owner takes important business decisions in a short period of time, solves complicated and unexpected problems and always needs to be in the best shape when negotiating. All of this requires good concentration and strong brain power. This is why it is important to train your brain regularly, which will help you to have clearer mind, to take decisions faster and to boost your creativity… continue here.

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship by itself is an art and all successful entrepreneurs are curious about the future and are not afraid to work towards building it. Innovation and entrepreneurship are strongly related and if you fail to innovate, you fail to create a business that will change the world as we know it.

Julie Meyer is Founder & CEO of Ariadne Capital, Co-founder and Managing Partner of the Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund, Founder of Entrepreneur Country and Co-founder of First Tuesday. In her talk at TEDxSalford, she talks about the technology revolution, innovation and reveals the art of entrepreneurship by pinpoints the fact that if you are good at what you do, the money will follow. This is one of the most inspirational TED Talks and must watch video for entrepreneurs… continue here.

3 Reasons to Quit Your Job Now and Start Your Own Business

The stability of having a regular job is very desirable situation for people who don’t like to get even for a minute out of their comfort zone. Other also important reasons, such as less responsibility, regular pay checks and health benefits, make it even harder for many to take such an important decision as leaving their jobs and starting a company… continue here.

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