The Most Popular Articles on Startupist for April

Here you can find the top ten articles for the past month of April on Startupist and you can enjoy the retrospection of everything important that you need to know about entrepreneurship and your startup venture.

How to Spot a Liar

Honesty has very important role in entrepreneurship. Being honest with your business partners, your customers, team members and especially with yourself, will save you a lot of headaches, misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations. Constant dishonesty can (and eventually will) destroy your company.

Establishing and maintaining honest business relationships is crucial for every entrepreneur’s success. It is very important to know how to spot a liar in order to protect the future of your startup, because entrepreneurship is not a joke. Here you can find three very simple ways to spot a liar. They are very useful but you shouldn’t forget that we are all humans and we all make mistakes… continue here.

10 Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Validate Your Startup Idea

Not all ideas have the potential to become profitable businesses, even the ones that sound so promising. It is important to be able to sense the difference between awesome idea and an idea that has the potential to become successful business. So, haw can you validate your idea in the fastest way possible without to waste precious time?

Here you can find 10 questions you can ask yourself (not in that specific order) that will help you validate your idea and give you the inspiration to proceed with turning this idea into a successful business… continue here.

Five Health Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often overlook the importance of their well-being for the success of their company. They tend to overload themselves with work, to let the stress get them and rarely find time to eat properly or to do sports. Well, your health is one of your biggest assets. If you fail to take care of yourself, soon you will not have the strength to keep working on your startup… continue here.

15 Personal Traits of Remarkably Confident People

Entrepreneurs face many obstacles along their way to success, but some of their biggest challenges, such as insecurity and self-doubt, come from within. Entrepreneurs often feel insecure in their actions and this can be critical for their work performance, decision making and eventually, their startup’s success. Confidence is very important not just in business but in every other aspect of our lives. Don’t let the lack of self-confidence to destroy your startup, but remember that there is very thin line between confidence and arrogance and try to never cross this line… continue here.

5 Tools That Help You Keep an Eye on Your Competition

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with the tough competition. This is the reason why they should keep an eye on their competitors and must try to be one step ahead of them. Knowing what your competitors are doing is a great advantage and, fortunately, there are some great online tools that can help you collect the data you need. Here you can find five online tools that will help you keep an eye on your competition…continue here.

10 Free Online Courses First-time Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Miss

Coursera is one of the most popular online platforms which provide free online courses from top universities and colleges worldwide. We are able to experience the future of education by accessing lectures and participating in virtual class rooms from every place in the world with Internet access.

Don’t miss these ten great, free and always available online courses, which can give you valuable knowledge and information that can be very useful for your startup journey… continue here.

Five Ways to Get More Organized

Time is one of out biggest assets and it is essential to know how to use it wisely. We all have 24 hours a day, yet some people always manage to achieve more than others. How is this possible? The answer can be very simple: these people are just more organized than the others.

Being organized will not only save you time, it can save your startup. By being punctual with your work, your business relationships, and even with the accounting and financial obligations that you have, can be essential for the success of your company. There is a way to improve your organizing skills and here you can find five tips that will help you to become more organized person… continue here.

How to Deal With Negativity

In entrepreneurship, being extremely optimistic is not the best approach you can have, but surrounding yourself with immensely negative people can be fatal for your business decisions and will definitely affect your success. There are some good parts of being negative, when there is a productive outcome from this, such as the famous term productive paranoia, which we have already discussed, but generally unreasonable negativity can be very harmful… continue here.

7 Things Smart Entrepreneurs Will Never Do

Being smart doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be great entrepreneur. In entrepreneurship, success doesn’t come only to those who are smart: they need to have many other important personal traits in order to build and grow profitable companies. There is difference between being smart and making smart decisions. Of course, there are smart people who often do not so smart things. So, to help you protect your startup venture and be more careful in your decision making processes, here you can find 7 things that smart entrepreneurs will never do… continue here.

5 Ways to Destroy Your Startup Dreams

Most entrepreneurs start their journey with the ambition to create great product, to build strong company, that can grow and dominate the industry, to become the visionary leaders who will make a difference in the world, but just so few succeed in doing so. Dreaming big and working hard can take you to the desired destination, but the failures are what will make you stronger. Failures are valuable only if you learn from your mistakes. Constant failure with no lesson learned is just a waste of time. You can’t repeat the same things all over again and expect different results, right?…continue here.

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