How to Avoid Technology Distractions and Focus Better

Technology has a major role in our everyday lives. It often seems impossible to keep up with many of our daily tasks without the help of some great devices and apps, not to mention Internet in general. But, as almost everything else in life, everything good has some not so great parts in it. Technology and Internet can be very distractive and many entrepreneurs struggle to avoid these distractions, which costs them valuable time and keeps them away from staying focused on what is really important. But there is always a way to avoid distractions and here we will talk about some things you can do in order to evade them. Let’s make the technology work for us, not against us.

Schedule Email time

Make sure that you have your day planned in order to monitor your progress and complete all the important tasks on time. Include in your plan specific amount of time for your email. We all know how the constant flow of email can be very distractive and, if you don’t include in your schedule specific amount of time to handle your emails, you are more likely to find yourself spending hours on things that actually can wait. Organize your inbox and keep it this way. Your email doesn’t have to sabotage you on your way to productivity.

Turn off the notifications

When you handle very critical part of your daily schedule, there is no time for switching your focus between what is really important and what is not. Multitasking doesn’t work this way. Turn off the notifications on all your devices and you will not feel distracted from the blinking red light or the constant sound which every other new message makes.

Block the distractions on your screen

To avoid being distracted from everything that is on your screen, you can decide to work on full screen. Get rid of everything that is extra on your desktop, every icon that can be distractive and is unimportant, every open window that you don’t actually need for your work. If you have lesser things open in front of you, you are more likely to focus better.

Plan your “distraction time”

Leave some time for the things that are actually distracting you. You want to spend some time on social media: why not? Just make sure that everything has its own time and that you don’t mix your actual work with the things that are distracting you. If you include five minutes of distractions for every hour of work, you can actually achieve something that many people call “healthy distractions”. The “healthy distractions” can take you away from the stress of the work process and help you recharge.

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