How to Stop Feeling (and Being) So Busy

One very popular opinion among entrepreneurs is that in order to be innovative, creative and successful, you should be working non-stop, you should be talking about your business all the time and you should be constantly thinking about your startup. All successful entrepreneurs talk about passion, about the need to do what you do and never give up, but sometimes this can sound so… exhausting. Don’t forget that we are all different and that we take the work, life and success in general in different ways.

Being constantly busy may not lead you to the desired destination. Why, you may wonder? Because all this hard work can harm your ability to look at the things realistically, may keep you away from the world out of your entrepreneurial ecosystem and, last but not least, may lead to complete burnout and can harm not just your startup, but your health.

The price of being an entrepreneur is very high: you may do many more sacrifices than the people who are so comfortable with the 9 to 5 workdays and the stable weekly pay checks. But many entrepreneurs need to understand that there is no need to feel, and actually be, so busy all the time in order to be successful. Here you can find five very easy steps, which you can take, in order to stop being and feeling so, so busy all the time.

Cut down on social media

It is great that you want to be connected all the time and that you want to follow everything that is happening online, but can you? Social media can be so distractive and can actually work against you if you are not able to find the balance and the right time to go online. (Of course, if you run social media startup, this does not apply to you. Just you need to know how to separate your online work and your personal social media daily experience.)

Stay focused

Entrepreneurs hardly find enough time to focus on everything that needs their attention. Focusing on the wrong things can be number one mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to the actual process of completing their work. So, quit saying: “I am so busy” and try to be more concentrated on what you are doing at this very moment. 

Slow down

You don’t need to be rushing all the time just because you have so many things to do. Stop, slow down, prioritize and learn how to delegate. This may take time for you to learn, but you will have to do it, because this is the only way to embrace your full potential as a leader and as a great example for fellow entrepreneurs.

Find your most productive hours

Some people like to work early in the mornings, others feel more productive in the evening. Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have the freedom to be the masters of our work time and it is up to us how well we will do that. Find out what are the most productive hours for yourself and organize your schedule according to it. You will save time, you will be more focused and more connected to the tasks that you are doing if you are in the right state of mind.


Yes! You should find the time to relax in order to stop being constantly busy. Once you manage to find the time for active resting, you will be able to feel more enthusiastic and happier with the work you do, just because it is not taking over your very second. Once you know that you can have a break anytime you need it, it will be easier for you to actually enjoy what you do at the moment. 

─ July 14, 2015