3 Things You Can Do Before Bed to Make Your Mornings More Productive

If you run a startup, you are probably getting less sleep than you need, definitely face more stress in a day than you can take and often overload yourself with work. This might seem normal for an entrepreneur, but nobody will say that it is… healthy. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential, but getting up early is also important for people who have swamped schedules and endless business meetings.

Unfortunately, not everybody is a morning person and many people find it extremely hard to wake up early and to start their days in the most productive way. Even though it really depends on your body clock (not on the amount of caffeine you take on daily basis!), there are some things that will help you to prepare for more energetic and productive morning. Here you can find three very useful things that you can do before bed in order to make your mornings better.

Simple preparations

There are some simple things that you can do in the evening that will save you time in the morning and will help you to concentrate your energy in more important things. Prepare your coffee maker, so you just have to press the on button in the morning, without looking for your coffee filters or the coffee itself. Plan your breakfast from the evening, so you don’t have to waste 15 minutes in the morning to decide what you can prepare for yourself with the things you have left in your fridge. If you work out in the mornings (Good for you!), prepare your gym bag from the evening, so you will not waste time on that in the morning. Prepare your clothes and work bag from the evening, so after the morning shower you don’t have to bother with ironing and so on. By doing these simple things before bed, you will be able to have enough time to get ready for the busy day that awaits you.

Plan your day

Use the evenings to plan your schedule for the next day. You will be ready to get to what is  really important right away in the morning, without wasting time for scheduling. Fixing your schedule from the evening will help you to avoid overloading your daily plan with every little thing that comes up in the morning. It is easier to prioritize, to be more organized and more motivated if you have your to-do list ready from the previous evening.


Use this one hour before you sleep to disconnect from the world around you. Try not to think about the daily problems and the obstacles you’ve faced. Try not to stay on social media right before you sleep. Do something that you love and that makes you feel good. Read a book, read your favourite blog, watch a movie or meditate. Just do something that is not related with your daily activities. Relax your mind and you will feel much more productive in the morning, less stressed and more motivated.

What is your bed time routine that helps you to jump start your mornings?

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