Developing Entrepreneurship: The Art of Turning Problems Into Opportunities

Many entrepreneurs concentrate not only on the problems of today, but also on the problems of the future. The people, who ask themselves the question: “What are the problems that will affect the future of the world?”, are the people who are most likely to actually create a company, a valuable business, which concentrates on solving these future problems through innovation.

In his TEDxBOULDER Talk, Daniel Epstein talks about the art of turning problems into opportunities. According to him, entrepreneurship is the answer to almost every issue we face today. He emphasizes on the fact that when entrepreneurs look in issues, they choose to see opportunities. Watch his highly inspirational talk in the video below and learn how the unfortunate opportunities are becoming the ultimate motivator for many skilled entrepreneurs, who want to change the world as we know it.

─ July 10, 2015