Three Habits That Lead to Terrible Decisions

Entrepreneurship is all about taking decisions and establishing road maps, planning and execution, creating and growing. All entrepreneurs, especially the solopreneurs, must be always ready to make a tough call. How can an entrepreneur overcome the natural self-doubt and be more confident in the decision-making process? Should entrepreneurs listen to their gut and trust their intuition or should they rely solely on facts and data? Well, this depends on many factors – personality traits, experience, and even on the niche that they are operating in. But balance between intuition and facts can help you take better decisions.

The habits that entrepreneurs have more or less shape the course of their startups. There are some habits that can help your business, but there are some daily habits that can be harmful for it. Here you will find three habits that can lead to terrible decisions and what you can do to ditch them.

  1. Bad habit: Never listen well to their teams. Many entrepreneurs tend to overlook the information, which comes from their team members and ignore their ideas, suggestions and opinions. Try to really hear what the people have to say. Sometimes you may overlook important details, which can lead you to taking bad decision.
  2. Bad habit: Try to please everyone. Many entrepreneurs try to take decisions that will please everyone. The problem is that sometimes what is right for your company is not what others would like to hear. Often you will piss people off, but this is probably a sign that you are going to the right direction.
  3. Bad habit: Procrastination as a result of messiness. If you are messy in a way that does not affect the outcomes of it, it is probably OK. But if you are too messy and can’t seem to organize not only your notes, but also your thoughts, it can be very distracting. Being messy can easily backfire to you, because it may be the reason why you have missed out on an important opportunity, missed a deadline or overlooked some game-changing details.

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