The Most Popular Articles on Startupist for August

Here you can find the top ten articles for the past month of August on Startupist and you can enjoy the retrospection of everything important that you need to know about entrepreneurship and your startup venture.

20 Quotes That Will Motivate You To Work Even Harder

Successful startups are not built overnight and all entrepreneurs, who know that, do not believe in luck as much as they believe in hard work. Most of the people, who are working for different companies, manage to find the time to celebrate their hard work with well-deserved vacation, but it is difficult for many entrepreneurs to find the time to do so…continue here.

The Money Mindset Matters: 5 Ways to Improve Your Financial Future

As much as we would like to say that money are not that important factor when building a company, it surely is not true. Money does matter! Even the most talented and ambitious entrepreneurs struggle to create the businesses they want if they don’t have the right amount of money to establish their companies, to develop their products, to improve their services, to attract talent and so on…continue here.

3 Awesome Content Promotion Tools For Entrepreneurs

All small business owners and entrepreneurs must work harder than anyone else if they want their businesses to thrive in this highly competitive business world. Nowadays, it is a necessity for all companies to concentrate on the creating of unique content for their businesses. It is also important to find the most suitable content promotion tools for the great content you’ve got…continue here.

5 Online Financial Tools For Small Business Owners

Fortunately, the importance of good personal finance culture has become more popular in the recent years. Financial culture is essential not only for the people who are aiming to start their own businesses, but for every other person who wants to have control over their money and learn how to utilize better their resources…continue here.

The Importance of Value Proposition For The Success of Every Startup

Entrepreneurs must be ready to take specific steps to defining and evaluating their ideas in order to validate the potential success of their startup. The value proposition is important at the early stage of the existing of the company because it sets some of the foundations for future business development: it is part of the business plan, of the marketing strategy and defines the future customer relationships. The value proposition is the promise that the entrepreneurs make to their customers that the expected value will be brought to them, that specific problem solutions will be offered and certain needs will be satisfied…continue here.

Awesome Growth Hacking Tools #13

In this series, every Friday we will present to you three very useful growth hacking tools, which can help every entrepreneur in their way to achieving startup growth and success.

When back in 2010 Sean Ellis introduced to the world the term “growth hacking”, which is creativity and analytical-thinking oriented marketing technique, created and adjusted to the development of tech startups through growth, everyone was sure that this is the new obsolete approach that startups need to take up…continue here.

3 Useful Tips On How To Communicate With Confidence

Being confident – believing realistically in yourself and in your business venture – are essential factors, which can help you to achieve more than what you have wished for. The way you feel about yourself and the work you do are the key ingredients, which shape the way other people see you…continue here.

Valuable Tools That Will Help You Run Successful Crowdfunding Campaign #12

Recently we talked about the top 7 crowdfunding websites and, hopefully, you have already explored these great platforms. But knowing which platform to use is not even close to creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. This is not an easy task and requires a lot of time and effort. But there is no need to give up before you even start…continue here.

Etohum San Francisco 2015: Special Interview with Ege Ertem

Ege Ertem, Business Development Director at Intel, was one of the speakers at Etohum San Francisco 2015 event. In a special interview for Etohum, he shared his opinion about the event, describing it as “very successful”, compared the Turkish and the USA’s entrepreneurial ecosystems and gave useful advice to all ambitious entrepreneurs, who want to become players in the international scene, emphasizing on the fact that every successful company needs to think about global expansion of the business from day one…continue here.

Etohum San Francisco 2015: Special Interview with Vivek Boray

Vivek Boray, a startup lawyer, who has partnered up with many leading firms from the Silicon Valley, was one of the attendees at Etohum San Francisco 2015 event. In a special interview for Etohum, he shared his opinion about the event, talked about the potential of the Turkish startup ecosystem and gave useful advice to all ambitious entrepreneurs, who want to become players in the international business scene…continue here.

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