Let’s Focus on Startups: Is Sharing the Future of Business?

In the recent years we have been witnessing the emerging of one impressive amount of startups, created on the idea of sharing. This business model is very successful with companies like Zipcar, Task Rabbit, Airbnb, Girl Meets Dress and many others. As many big companies start to lose the trust of their customer for one reason or another, many more people begin to look for the services of smaller, newly created and innovative businesses in the local markets. This fact, along with other factors, shaped the potential of startup growth in many developed and emerging markets. The aim of these businesses is to make sharing irresistible and be able to scale it. It is an important topic, very interesting for all entrepreneurs, who want to bring value to their users and to create disruptive businesses. This is why here we will introduce you to the “mesh”!

“A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.” Lisa Gansky

What is driving this development of businesses, based on the idea of sharing, is one of the most important questions, which the tech entrepreneur Lisa Gansky talks about in her TED Talk, called: The future of business is the “mesh”. If you are curious about this idea and you would like to learn more about the “mesh” get yourself a copy of the book The Mesh: Why the Future of Business Is Sharing. What do you think: Is sharing the future of the business?

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