Why Entrepreneurs Should Prepare for the Future of Jobs?

As part of the fast-changing and developing world that we live in, it is expected to see many drastic changes in almost every aspect of our lives in the near future. These changes will affect not only the way we do business, build companies and create products, but also will influence many other aspects of our lives – such as the way we work, travel, earn, save and spend money and so on.

As entrepreneurship is all about innovation and creativity, it is important for all entrepreneurs, who want to make a difference in the near and not so near future, to be prepared for these changes, and why not even say – to inspire these changes through their businesses.

In his TED Talk, the economist Andrew McAfee talks about the future of jobs and explains why we should not be worried about these major changes, which most likely will occur very soon, and that we should take them as opportunities. To learn more, watch the video below. Feel free to leave your comment in the comment section and share your opinions on the subject!


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