Adopting E-Business for Better Customer Experience

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Dilawar Syed is the founder of a Silicon Valley startup called Yonja which conducts major social networking events across the globe. 

Consumers want to feel pampered by entrepreneurs so that they can come back again to shop. Chances are that if you do not make enough effort to appreciate the presence of your customers then they will not remember anything much about your business. In fact, it’s the relationships that one creates with their customers that keeps them coming back to buy from them. 

There are instances where customers have chosen not to buy cheaper and better goods and services but instead opted for those that seem expensive and maybe not of good quality just because of the difference in customer treatment.

Therefore, the above sentiments prove that the competitiveness of business is cemented in the level of customer experience that is being rendered. And as we head into the era of e-business, which is a new experience for a good number of entrepreneurs, it can get a bit confusing on which steps to take first while enabling customer experience.

 And to make sure that everyone is on the same page, we have dedicated today’s article to highlight four simple ways that you can emulate to make your target customers feel part of the E-business.

 (1.) Change from long term to short term mode of communication.

Instead of the normal way of communicating, whereby a customer sends a message via an email address that is located on the business website or fills a form on the same platform and then it takes close to three days for the same customer to get feedback things should be done differently. And by this, I mean that businesses should move towards exploring communication software applications that facility short messages and faster responses between businesses and customers.

(2.) Work within the business community

Another key strategy to make the customers feel comfortable while shopping on your online site is to reduce their hustle of moving from one site to the other. This can be achieved by ensuring that you partner with online businesses that compliment with your goods and services to appear on your site and vice versa. For instance, if you sell shoes you can partner with another business that sells socks and have an online presence for mutual featuring on each others site.  This means that once your target customer shops for shoes, they can see another business link that sells socks right on your site and they can click on it if they wish.

(3.) Embrace digital customer learning

In order to stay ahead in bettering the customer experience for your target customer, it’s important that you be in a position to predict their buying and selling behavior. This can be achieved if you as an online business will invest in anticipatory marketing software that will serve your website with accurate buying and selling history for your target customers. Anticipatory marketing is useful to help businesses invest in what their customers are prone to buy more.

(4.) Make the customer communication process to be within the app

Lastly, make it as easy a possible for your target customers to enjoy shopping and as such avoid instances where if your customers want to communicate with your website support team or want to perform any other function they are directed to another window even though its still on your business website. 

Try to explore the possibility whereby all the different functions that customers perform on your business website happens on the same page without being directed to another window. Such creativity will make your customers feel the creativity while shopping on your website.

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