Dilawar Syed

The Impact of Social Mobile On Marketing

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Dilawar Syed is the founder of a Silicon Valley startup called Yonja which conducts major social networking events across the globe. 

Today, almost every person that you know has a smartphone. Furthermore, it is estimated that one and a half billion people today have a smartphone and this number is projected to even grow bigger over time.  The implications are that people are now able to connect like a close community or village yet they are far away from each other. Sometimes, people interact online but in a real sense they have and will never meet.  This is what we call social mobile. And in today’s article, we will analyze the impact of social mobile on how companies do their marketing.

And while the online interactions get more vibrant every day through the emerging software applications that make it easier for human activities like communication, trading, traveling among others to take place there is a social identity and social structure that is building up in the online world. And as online communities become even stronger, many businesses are forced to migrate their operations on online platforms.

The wave of businesses migrating to the online platform is unstoppable and it gets more and more intense as days go by. And as such, companies are seeking creative ways to convince the social online communities to buy their goods and services. One of the most obvious ways is through content marketing which is the production of digital media messages to promote a product or service. We also have anticipatory computing type of marketing which is basically the use of algorithms the idea service or goods that fits a certain target customer based on their recent as well as most frequent online activities.

Therefore, during the social mobile era, as much as companies and businesses are migrating to online platforms so that they can connect with their target customers better, on the other hand, the same target customers are embracing the online platform to advocate for their consumer rights.

 Some time back, it was only big companies that used to worry about what the public says about them. This was due to the fact that media organizations would put so much emphasis and attention on big corporates. However, in today’s world of social mobile, even small start-ups have been exposed to the sharp scrutiny of the media because it only takes one social media post to expose every little business flaw to the whole world.

On the brighter side, small start-ups have the same advantage as established companies to reach the same market audience since the social mobile provides a digital platform for every business operator no matter their size to reach out to the entire world.

There is the same opportunity to market your enterprise to the entire world whether you are running a 50 dollar or 10 million dollars company. Thanks to the opportunity provided through the social mobile digital platform.

Lastly, the social mobile opportunity within the digital platform provides the ideal moment for businesses to connect with their customers on a personal level. This means that there stands a chance for companies to design personalized products and services. The social mobile era presents the chance to actualize the highest level of customer empathy.

─ October 14, 2019