How To Better Customer Experience Through Digital Platforms

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Dilawar Syed is the founder of a Silicon Valley startup called Yonja which conducts major social networking events across the globe. 

As you may have noticed, most businesses are taking their customer service online with the intention of interacting with their customers at any time and from anywhere.

Furthermore, the ripple effect of today’s society using the internet a platform to network with businesses have seen the innovation of Digital tools to better the customer experience and also ease the communication process.

Four Case Studies On How To Better Customer Experience Within The Digital Platform

(1.) Live to stream with your customers

(2.) Ticketing


(4.)  Consumer feel

(1.) Live to stream with your customers

 The normal technology for engaging with customers has been through sending an email, text message or phone call and all these platforms have not been offering an interactive customer experience.

However, as we head to the full acceptance of digital platform for customer engagement, we are set to meet software applications tools that will enable businesses to interact with their customers on a one to one live conversation that involves video calls. This will be the highest level for ensuring that businesses connect that connection with their customers.

 (2.) Ticketing

when it comes to payments, some customers have a problem with financial management. This is because customers might wish to buy a certain good or acquire a service but lack the full amount for payment at hand. But as we head to the future of digital innovation, we might see more of digital tools that offer customers the option of digitally starting the process of procuring goods and services but through the option of making small installments. And every time these type of customers will be making portions of payments to acquire the services and goods that they desire, they’ll receive a  digital ticket to show how far they are to fully finish the payments.

The introduction of digital ticketing will enable low-income earners to access goods and services that they would have never accessed in ordinary circumstances.


 we anticipate software application tools that will enable customers to full trade in one screen without having to open other sites and so on. This will see business websites having the shopping, selecting,  ordering, paying and tracking of goods and services on one screen session. There will be no need to open the next screen in order to move to the next stage of trading.

 (4.)  Consumer feel

Lastly, we look forward to software applications that will make customers own the services and goods that will be offered. This will see business websites coming up with profile accounts for their customers whereby the activities and trading history for customers will be tracked. In the end, the most loyal customer’s profiles on such business websites will earn discounts and royalty points among other benefits.G

The future of customer experience within the digital platform is actually unimaginable. There is so much potential that we can only anticipate for. Therefore, I urge all businesses to try out new applications that are coming and this could be through forming partnerships with emerging tech start-ups.

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