Hans Wissema

Scale-Up Entrepreneurship

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Most individuals are in a position of scaling up, but the majority of the entrepreneurs will just be self-employed.

Entrepreneurship has the future and many countries including Turkey are change the notion of economic model of hiring knowledge from foreign companies and additionally are happy to do as you tell them, says Prof. Hans Wissema, the author, “Towards the Third Generation University”. The model is bound to change though with the current trend as the aspect of entrepreneurship is becoming the mainstream.

How so? Firstly, there is the happy few, and the growth rate as per predictions is enormous. Secondly, more people want to run and manage their own life. Thirdly, more people see the need to do something. Fourthly, there is need for the economy to be made more flexible and lastly, the readiness of the people to make all this happen.

Women entrepreneurs, It is amazing how different men and women are. Women have a totally different way of competing and have a very big advantage as they have been proven to listen a lot more than men. Prof. Hans suggests that there is a need for a different mode of coaching women entrepreneurs for their financial approaches and social attitudes. Which is a very significant role of the society in the social phenomenon as they join in the entrepreneurship field.

Why do we have startup facilities and organizations across the world nowadays? This is because of Scaling-Up. That’s the future of innovation as they need ecology to commence these ventures alone. An example is when Prof. Hans built a management company all by himself and sold it eventually to scale up to a greater extent.

There is quite a difficulty in trying to blend deep science and technology with entrepreneurship everywhere in the world hence more reason to create awareness especially in universities.

There are big changes in the world of funding currently as we now have new terms such as VCs, accelerators and investors with a key role in opening the funding opportunities to entrepreneurs which might be more complicated. There’s so much knowledge and books on how to align yourself with the right funding chances.

Another avenue that has a lot of opportunities is the artificial intelligence because, somehow, the world knows how to be locked up in a global system such as IBM’s Watson. For any entrepreneur, it will be essential to have access to these hubs and know how to operate them because in the end, artificial intelligence is the biggest game changer of the next ten years. It can replace a lot of white-collar jobs and create a lot of applications to entrepreneurs.

Think of how you can replace labor through such applications and grow with the artificial intelligence. Regardless of being able to create an application and taking it to the market, it only means that you are halfway through the success this is because you have to make it easily communicable through accessing it by everyone.

─ May 24, 2019