Why Sometimes You Should Embrace Conflict and Disagreement at Work

As leadership and entrepreneurship are blended together, successful startups can’t be build without the great leadership skills of the founders, who have the ambition to create and lead one of the most important assets of the business: the team. Every good leader knows the importance of honest communication in the team and encourages the team members to disagree when they have question marks popping in their head or when they  think differently about specific projects or topics.

All startups are unique and are in the search for the perfect business model. In business, when you are in search, every opinion matters and every possibility has to be considered as an option. This is why it is important to accept when someone does not agree with your opinion, to listen to their suggestion or criticism and take the decision that is the most suitable for you and your business at this very moment.

In this TED, Talk Margaret Heffernan talks about disagreement as the driving power that will lead to progress and improvement. How we can benefit from conflict? We have to see it as thinking and we have to be really good at it. Then it will have positive impact on our work process. Learn how conflict can be transformed as a fantastic model of collaboration at work, which can lead to achieving better results and completing stronger and more successful projects.


─ August 25, 2015