Schools to Teach What we Lack in Normal Schools

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Stefano Dánna is the author of three books; “A dream for the world-Un Sogno per l’umanità”, “Berlusconi In Concert”, and “The School for Gods”. Has been a leading manager of multinational companies including Alfa-Romeo, Olivetti Corporation (based in Milan), Olivetti Corporation of America (based in New York and the Middle East), and FIAT International (Turin and Jeddah). He was present at Etohum İzmir Kampı 2012, hosted at Izmir Ekonomi University, and delivered a session where he shared his experience and gave insight.

In this life, you have a bunch of burdens thrown at your face one after the other. Sometimes a piece of advice from our families, friends and mentors might work out but the damage is still done. We failed to notice that when we learn life like we learn math at school, many problems wouldn’t have to be problems or even escalate for we would have dealt with it the way it should have been solved and dealt with.

You see people living their lives sad, upset, devastated, complaining and accusing their fates, bad luck and all of what is thrown in their way. That’s the time where some realized that we don’t have schools or universities. Not in the context that there is not any but in the context where the schools we go to and the universities we study in are not teaching us how to live, how to deal with life as we age through it, what we really need to live in order for us to reach where we want to.

No body tells us in study halls what are the most important points in life, how to wake up with joy to start our days, how to feel gratitude, how to make a great team; and very few people will discover that. The thing we shall be sure of however is that no one can money craving for money and no one can have success when chasing it, we just have to have this big dream we are determined to achieve in our life. Stefano D’Anna, understanding that, have created universities from Madrid to New York passing by Rome, Milano and Florence.

Professor D’Anna started choosing his students from around the world going as far as crossing the ocean to meet them. He believes that one man can change a huge company and on man can change the destiny of a whole nation.

Stop chasing success when you can make yours right with your hand as it’s not something you catch but something you build and craft with your hands until you grasp it victoriously. Never forget that perfection is actually what you aim it to be and not what people tell you it is. Once you start something don’t ever aim for anything less than the perfect result you want to have at the end. Try your best, then your hardest, then keep trying with all you have got and you will get there telling all of those who snickered at your every fall that you did it.

Don’t feel pressured to do it quickly, as D’Anna’s dream is to change the world that we know right now into a world where humanity is so much different than what we are familiarized with. His dream is to turn this aggressive, divided and negative-thinking human characteristics into a unified, lively, ambitious and new humanity.       

I conclude that success, money and perfect lives are what you aim to gain but it’s not easy, in order to achieve that you will face challenges, problems, failure and will have burdens. That’s why you need to learn how to deal with those problems, how to win those challenges and certainly how to jump those hurdles in your way. Being an entrepreneur is not what you learn at normal school but what you learn in life.

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