How to Not Screw It Up

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Stefano Dánna is the author of three books; “A dream for the world-Un Sogno per l’umanità”, “Berlusconi In Concert”, and “The School for Gods”. Has been a leading manager of multinational companies including Alfa-Romeo, Olivetti Corporation (based in Milan), Olivetti Corporation of America (based in New York and the Middle East), and FIAT International (Turin and Jeddah). He was present at Etohum İzmir Kampı 2012, hosted at Izmir Ekonomi University, and delivered a session where he shared his experience and gave insight.

All of us had a dream that floated into our lives and took a permanent place in our minds where we could never forget, always flashing like a bright sign to remind us of what we really want to do. Some of us keep that dream tended to but of course there are some who discard it to the back of their minds where there is no hope for it to come true for real outside our mind-flashes.

I also had a dream like any human being on this planet, so I’m talking out of experience when I say that this dream will keep chasing you at every station you pass in your life. So please don’t deny it the hope of coming true even if all you did is just trying. A handful of people out there don’t appreciate having dreams to achieve in their lifetime which I find dull; simply due to the flavor such dreams fill your days as you come close to achieving it, or the color that drifts around you when you talk about it and certainly the light that shines in the eyes showing happiness at the mere thought of it.

All of those symptoms are happening when that honorable dream of yours is still in the unknown, not accomplished yet. Therefore, we have to make sure that we as entrepreneurs are to achieve this dream adamantly without discarding it to the bottomless pit of despair, that room in the back of our mind where it will fade into nothingness. 

First is to never belittle it, this dream isn’t impossible as you imagine. I believe that there are some stuff scientifically unacceptable but they still happen against all theories and experienced scientists’ deductions. Like a bird with small wings that science can’t logically see it able to fly with those wings, yet it still soars high above all expectations and this is how you shall treat your dream.

One other things is that your dream is part of you, belittling it, discarding it or unbelieving in it means you are humiliating and denying yourself a part of you that seeks life out of the discarded space it was left in, that will cause a little colorful snip of your bright future to wither away slowly.

Second thing to not screw that dream up is to work on it without searching somewhere far. You can consider the age of early twenties until early thirties the perfect age to work your hardest in order to find your way toward it directly, no distractions or procrastination. Put your all into it because half-hearted efforts are for those who are not serious about their future.

Third tip and the most important is to never, ever let the bad thoughts swallow your life source inside your soul. Look at the mirror and tell yourself that everything passes so stop complaining and smile against all the odds and against all those poisonous thoughts that are crippling you from doing some greatness in the world. Once you stop complaining about how the odds aren’t on your side, you will start feeling that all the odds are changing to be on your side unknowingly helping you do your miraculous goal. 

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